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Mythlore Costume – Kimono Fail


So I got started on the kimono that’s going to go under the yellow robes as a base layer. I dug out a nice khaki muslin fabric from the stash and worked out that I had more than enough. I followed these instructions, or so I thought, and was feeling dead pleased with the finish on it. Below you can see how it’ll look under the yellow robes – notice the matching stitching?

photo 2

However what I actually managed to do was use his half chest measurement rather than his shoulder to shoulder measurement, resulting in a garment that fit my mannequin rather than his mannequin – as you can see above. Fail. At least I have enough fabric to cut another.

What have we learnt from this little problem? Well, it wasn’t the only problem. Earlier this morning I cut a set of sleeves that were wrong too. We’ve learnt that four days post surgery is too soon to be trusted to draft patterns and make garments.

photo 1

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