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Mythlore Costume – First Thoughts

So the request from a friend came in this morning. “I might need to enlist you to make me some costume at some point.” Well I’ve been contemplating my next project and I can’t currently justify spending more money on kit for myself (I really just don’t need it) so this seems like a perfect opportunity. Plus I wasn’t in the mood to work so I jumped right on it.

It’s for Mythlore, run by the extraordinarily talented Mark Cordory. It’s an incredible visual spectacle. I’d love to go and photograph it, but my friend Tom along with Mark himself already do a rather wonderful job so I would be utterly surplus to requirement!

Anyway. Enough sucking up. Back to the costume.

Persian inspired without any of the shiny satin fabrics (so that means natural materials from this point on). No key armour pieces, player is a physic and seems to want the robed look from the pictures he sent.

Let me talk you through what I’ve got so far.

Colour pallet. So that I can start keeping my eye out for things. This could evolve.


Headwear. Headwear is essential. Tagelmusts are an easy way to get headwear if you can learn to tie them. Just a strip of fabric, easy.

a097878af28f08330e98ee0b8ce44758Cross body straps and layers. Because texture is cool.

b50e2666655379d35de66a30a105f524Outer robes. 3/4 length sleeves seem to look good here, faced with wide bands of colour.


But I’ve got a trick up my sleeves for the back of the robes. I love the way that this is split into three layers.

dea45ede11bcfe9968aa4e06ac320d0fAnd then there’s the under garments. A simple kimonoish style robe tied at the sides.

vlcsnap-2014-07-03-12h49m04s195Since this is fantasy, like the outer robes we don’t have to stick to authenticity. I saw this drawing where the sash really caught my eye, something like this might be in the works.


In my quest to try out new techniques and finishes to the pieces I make, I’ve invested in a pin tuck foot for my sewing machine. Basically you use it with fine cording under the fabric to create raised lines. I can never find fabric that is textured to my liking, so I figured why not create my own? This is the best picture I could find of the technique:


So I’m envisioning lines of texture placed at key points on the robes. I’m lucky that the person I’m dressing is slim and athletic, therefore we can dress him and use texture and surface decoration to accentuate his silhouette. That means I’m going to attempt to fit the robes to him while making them flutter about in the breeze, and load them with texture that flows the flow as he moves.

I’m excited.


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