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Mythlore Costume – Diablo 3

So I’ve been on a total binge recently of playing Diablo 3. Barely a day goes past that I don’t play at least one round on bounties mode. DWM and I are currently working on obtaining infernal machines over… and over… and over… Blizzard does like a good grind.

Anyway, I feel like quite a lot of the Mythlore inspiration is coming from my Monk character in Diablo 3. If you browse the web you get some fantastic concept art based on the Monk.

This is pretty much the colour palette I like, and actually the belt wasn’t that far from what I was imagining. Only with long robes under it.



The leg and wrist wraps are quite a nice variation on armour (gloves and boots) in D3 and I’m wondering if perhaps wraps like this on the arm might be a good feature for a Physic.  After all, would they not use what they have to protect themselves?

As an aside, I’d love to be able to make costume tatty like this. How do you do that and not let it fray more than you want it to fray?



Yellow is a great colour for this character. Judas was always painted wearing yellow in Renaissance paintings, and so it has connotations of deceit and betrayal. It also represents feelings of cowardice and has long been used to signify physical illness. Dark yellow also feels oppressive to be around. As a cowardly and lazy, ex-criminal, cursed physic, this seems pretty perfect.

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