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Mythlore Costume – Base Layer Robes – Part II

So here we go! The robes are almost finished. They just need hemming but I can’t do that without Simon being here to put them on. Hopefully we’ll do it this weekend and he can wear them at Odyssey to start wearing them in on a dusty field. Here’s a shot with the armour pinned…

prison rape

#NotAllPhotographers and Prison Rape

The initial reaction to the sentencing of Shaun Colclough was one of violence, male on male rape suggestions and #NotAllPhotographers. Way to go amateur photography community.


Staying cool – coolthentic braies

So… this Empire just gone was way too hot. So I started a thread on Costume Froth to find out how people had dealt with it themselves. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit weird or not to basically wander around in medieval pants, but apparently that’s all right and we’re a free and…


Mythlore Costume – Base Layer Robes

I’m taking a break here half way through the set of base layer robes, because I want to revel in the neat and tidy seams – you’ll see later. But here’s the process so far. I decided to dye my own fabric for various reasons. Mostly that I’m not going to get up to Coventry to…

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Shooting Products – Again.

There was once a little photographer who wanted to be a fashion photographer. The photographer tried time and time again to get into the London College of Fashion to do their Fashion Photography BA but was never accepted. However that little photographer managed to get a job shooting fashion and product images for one of…


Photographing Empire – For Me

It’s not often I get time to photograph at PD events stuff that just I want to photograph. Last year I took my old Yashica TLR to the field during setup and shot some little portraits before time in. I really enjoyed it because in a world where people say ‘have you got some good…


GPA Frustrations

So I just had a sneaky little look at my results from my first year at uni again to revel in my success for a bit (hey, I’m allowed to celebrate…) and noticed my GPA had gone online (it wasn’t last time I looked). My GPA is 3.88. Oh Noes. You see, I really want…


Paperless Studying

I have lots of tech-savvy friends. I have lots of tech-savvy friends who discuss the merits of going paperless including lots of very technical ways of doing so. I am not very tech-savvy. (The other night I booted up my Windows install for the first time ever and managed to get malware on it within…

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Mythlore Costume – Battle Skirt

The leg armour has affectionately become known as the battle skirt. Here’s something resembling a step-by-step of what I’ve done so far. So first of all I draped the fabric on the stand so that I could just draw the pattern onto the fabric and cut directly on that. I’m using the calico for the…

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Mythlore Costume – Texturing the robes

I treated myself a few weeks ago. I bought myself a pintuck foot and some double needles because I had this crazy idea that I could add texture to the base layer robes for S’s costume. This morning I decided to try a sample piece. Unfortunately I have no matching thread, but you get the…