Mythlore Costume – Fixing a belt

Simon and I started sorting through his leather accessories to see what we could use with the costume I was making. He pulled out one belt declaring that this would would work really well… and unfortunately it was broken. See? Is broken.   No, I have no idea why M&S would make that bit in…


Choosing a photographer to study with

Very early on in my photographic career I discovered that my talent was most certainly not for taking photographs (although I’m not too bad at that either) but rather for looking at other peoples photographs. I worked out that with all the business acumen in the world I would never progress above the level of…

Social Star Awards Day-1

Sometimes we’re just not educated

You know, sometimes it’s not that we’re trying to be horrible people. Or that we do something deliberately offensive. Or that we’re trying to just be a cunt. Sometimes it’s accidental. And the way to combat that isn’t to SHOUT VERY LOUDLY AND SLAG THE PERSON OFF but with education. Saw this on my Facebook…

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Youtube and Copyright and LRP

So as well as taking photographs at PD events I also work behind the scenes. I have my fingers stuck in pretty much every area of Matt’s business that feeds images into the public domain. Lots of people are aware that I spend time working on the wiki to remove copyrighted images and replace them…

photo 1

Mythlore Costume – Kimono Fail

So I got started on the kimono that’s going to go under the yellow robes as a base layer. I dug out a nice khaki muslin fabric from the stash and worked out that I had more than enough. I followed these instructions, or so I thought, and was feeling dead pleased with the finish…


Mythlore Costume – Still to go

So there’s like… five weeks until Mythlore and it starts to become a race to see how much I can get done. Unfortunately work, LRP and surgery keep getting in the way of working on the costume parts so progress has been slow. However, if I could complete everything I wanted to complete, I’d have…

photo 2

Mythlore Costume – Base Layer Robes – Part II

So here we go! The robes are almost finished. They just need hemming but I can’t do that without Simon being here to put them on. Hopefully we’ll do it this weekend and he can wear them at Odyssey to start wearing them in on a dusty field. Here’s a shot with the armour pinned…

prison rape

#NotAllPhotographers and Prison Rape

The initial reaction to the sentencing of Shaun Colclough was one of violence, male on male rape suggestions and #NotAllPhotographers. Way to go amateur photography community.


Staying cool – coolthentic braies

So… this Empire just gone was way too hot. So I started a thread on Costume Froth to find out how people had dealt with it themselves. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit weird or not to basically wander around in medieval pants, but apparently that’s all right and we’re a free and…


Mythlore Costume – Base Layer Robes

I’m taking a break here half way through the set of base layer robes, because I want to revel in the neat and tidy seams – you’ll see later. But here’s the process so far. I decided to dye my own fabric for various reasons. Mostly that I’m not going to get up to Coventry to…