Making Money with Blogger Outreach

Thirty five years after the invention of the internet and we’re still discovering new ways to approach doing business using this incredible technology. Entrepreneurial individuals have been partnering with blogger outreach services to look for new ways to monetise their writing. Traditional routes to becoming a writer or journalist have been long and difficult to break into. They’ve involved lengthy courses, endless internships, or knowing the right people. The good news is that everything has changed with the rise of the internet – anyone with a skill for crafting good prose can be a writer if they have the drive, plus one of the great at&t internet plans, or a plan from a different provider, to help them stay connected at all times and get the most out of their writing possible.

Blogger Outreach for your Brand

It’s indisputable that the internet has also presented more opportunities to brands looking to find new audiences too. But not everyone is a digital marketing expert and budgets have to be spent carefully. Here’s why a blogger outreach strategy should be a part of your brand from day one

Successful blogs are built on trust. People return to the same blogs time and time again as loyal readers because they respect the authenticity of the writer and their output. So when a blogger recommends a brand or product to their followers those individuals are far more likely to take that recommendation on board.

By working with a blogger who has an authentic following you’re effectively using their social capital to advertise your product. Word of mouth referrals are extremely powerful in the world of marketing and should never be underestimated. An ethical blogger will never recommend products that they don’t personally believe in. Make sure that when you’re selecting bloggers to work with there’s an affinity between your brand and the writer. If your product or the brand doesn’t appeal then your email is likely to land in trash folder.

Are you a Blogger looking to Monetise?

Chances are that this isn’t the first article you’ve read about monetising your blog. You may have even have tried putting adverts on your site or affiliate marketing techniques. Curating a loyal following and then working with brands you love is most definitely a productive way to make money from your blog.

But a word of caution. Stay on target and make sure you stick to products and brands that make sense for you. If you go off topic for the money you’ll start to lose the authenticity that you’ve spent time building up. It’s better to wait for the right brands to come up than have your message all over the place.

A great place to offer blogger outreach opportunities is if you’re running a blog as a part of your business. Recommending products and services to your audience that fit with what you offer is a great way to build up a relationship with new brands. Aligning yourself with the values of those that you work with can boost your reputation. Your audience will thank you too if you share a hidden gem with them, especially if the brand you recommend solves a problem that they were having. Working with the right brands can only ever improve the relationship you have with your audience.