Wedding Venues and Wedding Photos

As a photographer myself I’m pretty confident that my dream wedding venue would have loads of great spots for photos. Photographs are really important to me. I record my life on a near-constant basis through the lenses of various cameras. I’ve got no reason to think that my wedding would be any different!

I often see photographers on forums and Facebook groups discussing what equipment they need for weddings at great length. And often these discussions are focused on the light (or lack of it) during the ceremony. It can be a really difficult thing to photograph a wedding ceremony that happens somewhere without great natural light. So if photographs of your wedding day are as important to you as they would be to me then I’d like to tell you a little bit about what will help your photographer out.

Look for Great Natural Light

Big windows. That’s usually what it comes down to. Big windows that aren’t North facing. But beautiful historic buildings often lack huge glass windows. Weddings in magical old historic buildings often don’t have much light though, which does then make things much harder for the photographer. Although, most good photographers would cope admirably, especially those who have knowledge of how to work in minimum light. A professional can also help in deciding on the best possible photoshoot spot in the wedding venue that can work for the duration of the wedding. However, it could be much better to have a photographer who is excelling themselves because they don’t have to worry about the light!

That’s why venues like Cain Manor are so great. It’s a gorgeous country house with a huge modern barn-style music room that is licensed to hold ceremonies. The windows are floor to ceiling and your wedding photographer will not be disappointed at the wonderful light that they’ve got to work with! The quality of your wedding photos will be superb, and all your photographer has to do is focus on capturing the emotions of the ceremony.

Find a Stylish but Timeless Venue

Have you ever looked at your parents wedding album? I have. It’s a horrible seventies monstrosity with orange carpets and my Nan wearing massive platform shoes. Orange carpets might have been cool back then, but they certainly aren’t now.

If you’re going to want to put your wedding photos on the wall (and why wouldn’t you?) then look for a denver wedding venue or maybe one in your vicinity, with neutral colors and timeless elegance. White or light-coloured furniture, accents that won’t date quickly, and classic decor are what you’re after. Yes, it might be cool to have your wedding in that fancy ultra-modern wine bar in the big city but it a decade or two the veneer will have worn thin!

By picking timeless classics for your venue, dress, and accessories you’ll want to have your wedding photos on display for much longer than they might otherwise stick around. And why shouldn’t you? You’ll have paid an awful lot of money to have a photographer come along to your dream wedding!

Most Importantly – Put Your Spin On It

I know it would be important for me to put my own spin on my wedding and the wedding photos that get taken. I’m not sure quite what that would look like, but I’m pretty sure it would involve me working with my photographer to get everything right. I’d probably even choose my photographer before my venue just to make sure that everything was compatible!