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Creating a Luxurious Bedroom Space

Creating a tranquil and relaxing space to sleep in your home is vital for a great night’s sleep and so a luxurious bedroom space was top of the list when I started redecorating my home. It’s something that’s been on my mind since I started postgraduate study – rest is so important. Without it you’re useless the next day, and it has a knock on effect too.

This was my bed and nightstand after I’d cleared and cleaned it. It was full of cuddle toys, glasses that had been there for weeks, random rubbish that I’d dumped out of my pockets… you know, the usual stuff that gathers on your nightstand from where you undress at night. I didn’t even want to post a picture on the internet of how bad it was.

So after giving my bedroom and good tidy up and clean, I started to work on creating a space I really enjoyed being in rather than one I just headed to at night by default. The bed frame and nightstand are from Ikea and have been moving from house to house with me for years. I love them because they’re beautifully designed and have a neutral colour that fits in with almost any colour that a landlord decides to paint their house!

Bring in some Greenery

Over the past year I’ve been really enjoying having houseplants. To be honest, it’s getting a touch out of control now. This beautiful Monstera is possibly my favourite plant and so I relocated it from my study to my bedroom. I wondered at first if it would be out of proportion and huge, but actually it’s architectural and sculptural qualities really work well with the rest of the textures that I planned on bringing in. It’s a gorgeous white, textured pot from Ikea that it’s in.

Get a Carafe

It doesn’t even have to be expensive – this carafe costs just a few pounds from Ikea. Just something that you can keep on your nightstand that is beautiful to look at. If things are nice you’ll use them more – and keeping hydrated is almost as important as getting restful sleep.

I also popped a beautiful Moroccan style lantern on the nightstand with a set of fairy lights in it. Sometimes you want a bit of warm lighting in the bedroom that isn’t a bright overhead light, and this is a nice way to achieve that. I have seen many people opt for neon light fixtures from companies like Neon Mama to add a beautiful touch to their rooms! It looks really pretty and if you are into something similar, you might want to research more about it and incorporate it into your home.

Pick Beautiful Textures

If you want something to be luxurious, then it really needs to feel luxurious as well as looking luxurious. Textured duvet covers and pillowcases create a sumptuous feeling. On that note – I always fine that white bedding feels more luxurious than anything else – even if it’s not expensive. It’s worth spending a little more money on your duvet cover and pillowcases because they will be next to your skin when you sleep. And generally the better quality sets do stand up a bit better to washing.

Add More Layers and Textures!

It’s winter here which means it’s pretty chilly in this old Victorian townhouse! So I threw a few blankets on top of the duvet to keep the warmth in (and to keep my cat off the nice duvet). These blankets are both from Ikea. I’m like a magpie when it comes to throws and blankets, I just don’t think you can ever have enough! It’s so easy to change up the look of a whole room just by using a few blankets or quilts. You can also look into bedding throws to create a contrasting look that will complement your bedroom walls. For instance, If you have a beige theme in your bedroom, you can bring in the contrast through brown or orange pillow covers, cushions, and throw duvet.

Splash Out on Bedding

The place where you’re really going to feel the difference when it comes to luxury is in your duvet and pillows. If you look after it properly a good quality set of pillows and duvet will last you for years to come so it’s really worth looking for something high quality and in the luxury high end of the market. There are different styles of bedding depending on moods and themes that you can explore to pick one that feels right for your bedroom. You can find Catherine Lansfield bedding here, which comes in a variety of designs and fabrics often designed with a balance between luxury and comfort.

I’ve always favoured proper feather duvets in the past because I like to be really warm when I sleep even in winter. It’s probably a habit I’ve learned from living in slightly draughty Victorian houses since I was a small child! But I think for this winter I might bite the bullet and splash out on Mulberry Silk-Filled Bedding which really is a true luxury item. Mulberry silk is finer than almost any other kind of silk you can buy, so it really traps the warmth in between the fibres while still being beautifully breathable.

Finishing Touches for a Luxurious Bedroom

The only other thing I added was a small carved pot I bought from a supermarket a few years ago. It will now act as the place where I dump everything out of my pockets at night. This way, at least, I can go through it every few weeks when I’m ready, rather than having it sat out, feeling chaotic.

And that’s it really. That’s how I improved my night’s sleep and in turn lowered my stress and improved the quality of my work. Restful, uninterrupted sleep really is crucial for humans to function well.