A Dream Wedding in Paris

I don’t know what it was about Paris, but I really fell in love with the city. I think if I was to get married, then Paris would definitely be a dream wedding destination for me. There’s something about Paris that oozes both charm and sophistication. I mean, imagine hiring a private jet for your close family and friends and marrying your love of life in Paris. It’s like a dream come true. I know there are costs involved, but for that, you can use aids like private jet charter cost estimator or similar applications, probably consult a wedding planner to calculate the wedding costs, etc. Paris, also called a City of Love, could be a perfect wedding destination.

I don’t know if it was getting up early and finding a bakery to provide me with a strong black coffee and a pastry for a few Euros (this is how lots of Parisians eat in the morning so it’s super cheap) or lounging around late at night on the pavement seating outside of the cafes in the city center. But I just felt like I was somehow doing pretty well at life when I was out there for my combined thirtieth birthday and university study trip!

The image above was shot in the Musée d’Orsay. It’s a converted railway station that was originally built at the turn of the last century and it is stunning. I’ve always thought that the idea of getting married in an art gallery was terribly romantic. Especially, if you can be surrounded by statues depicting myths and legends to do with love.

Booking your Dream Wedding Photographer

Over the years I’ve interviewed a few photographers who specialise in destination weddings and they all say similar things. The first piece of advice they give is to make sure you book your dream wedding photographer early. Destination weddings take a chunk of the photographers time, more than a regular wedding, and so it’s worth looking around very early and putting a deposit down.

You’ll also want to shoot with your photographer as soon as possible to make sure you’re compatible. Some people just don’t get on and that’s ok! Many photographers encourage an engagement shoot for exactly this reason – so that they can learn about you and you can learn about them. When you book a photographer for a destination wedding you’re likely to spend a few days with them. You want to make the most of paying for them to be out there after all!

Hiring a photographer who knows the city and its wedding venues is always a good idea too. Whether it’s someone who has gone there many times as a visitor, or someone who is an old hand at photographing weddings there. It means that they’ll spend less time scouting for locations and more time photographing you. They’ll probably have some great recommendations with regards to eating, drinking, and sightseeing too! You’ll also want to see if your photographer works with any suppliers. Photographers often have great relationships with other creatives and might be able to put you in touch with people who can really add the perfect finishing touches to your big day.

Creating Your Own Vision

Everyone has their own vision of what their dream wedding might look like. For me it’s an art gallery in one of the most sophisticated cities on the planet. For others I’m sure it would be entirely different. What’s important is that you do it in a way that feels authentic to you.

Oh, and I would totally wear a couture black suit to get married in if I was getting married in Paris. And I’d feel chic in a way that only Paris can make you feel.