LRP Making

Recent Empire Costume

I’ve not updated the blog for a while, but I *have* been making things…


For the Pledge Ball.


Sideless Surcote for the Pledge Ball.

Relaxed tunic with V neck. The trim is actually chains in blue and white. High status but not overly fussy.

Priest stole to denote the responsibility of having a congregation.

Drowned Man chapter banner completed by hand using reverse appliqué technique.

Photo by Beth Dooner. Also note priest stole on left hand side.

New robes, designed to reflect functional crusader style armour but entirely made from fabric. The ‘pauldrons’ allow the chapter crest to be word on the shoulder (as in the Highguard brief), the tabs on the front reflect a priest stole, and the arms have seven stripes for seven virtues (that is piping pieced into the design, not painted on or applied). I wanted to feel ‘big’ and for the robes to look heavy.

Kids tunics. Plain blue (with room to grow), and the chapter logo worn on the shield arm like armour.