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Quilting the Nocturne Quilt Top

So I’ve been wondering how best to quilt my work in progress that is the several hundred half square triangles (HST). I thought initially of doing little joined up stars in the white lines, but it felt a bit chintzy and childish the more I thought about it. I’m not sure that my Aunt is into that kind of thing, so I put it aside and started working on something else while I considered what to do.

2016-04-21 17.53.53

Then I was browsing Craftsy yesterday morning – and trying not to buy anymore fabric* – when I came across a class that looked really interesting. (Did you know they do really excellent video classes*? I’ve taken a couple of their sketching classes before.)

Anyway, the class I was looking at was Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot*. The tutor is Jacquie Gering and I was utterly blown away by some of the modern quilting designs she was creating in the class. In particular I think that the radiating lines might work brilliantly for this quilt, starting from the point where the cream coloured fabrics converge. So I bought the class – what can I say, it was half price yesterday! Unfortunately the sale is now over, but having watched some of the class already, I can tell it’s going to be worth every penny.

I’m really looking forwards to getting this one on the machine – when the current one I’m working on is finished. Thankfully this Nocturne quilt isn’t too big, so I’m feeling confident to try out a new style of quilting on it.