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Minoan Accessories – Ideas

So I need a hat. I’m getting bored of my dreadlocks so I’m likely to have no hair again before Odyssey. Which means I need a hat so that I don’t get sunburn. I’ll most likely make one of these I think, in a brown colour. And then make a removable pouch of stuffing at the back to make it look like I have hair. It’s medieval rather than ancient, but I think it works ok.


Then there’s the aprons. Minoan women wore layered aprons and skirts and I really, really like them. They would have been something like this:





I really like the first one with the pointed, multi layer skirts. I don’t think it’s authentic at all, but the style certainly evokes the culture. But I really like the apron on the second and third images. The third is authentic, if I remember rightly it’s a snake goddess sculpture found on crete.

So since the rest of my outfit is more fantasy than historical, the apron needs to go this way too, while still retaining a feel of ancient world crete. I love this kind of thing that you see in fantasy and video game art:


I particularly like here the way that the apron has straps that go around the rest of the outfit. I think it would work quite well with the flowing robes that are currently on my cutting table. Also something symbolic about being trapped in place and in chains for the background of the game world? Perhaps?

And I make no secret of the fact that I really love Diablo III artwork. The Monk costumes in particular are really nice.



And then there’s the belt and armour that I made last year for Simon.


I think that the pointed apron, two or three layers, on the belt from Simon’s armour, with the side straps. That would be pretty cool. And it potentially leaves room for a design on the front too.


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