The Costume Challenge

It all started here when Jude said:

It’s the 2014 Costume Froth Sew-Along Challenge!

Ooo! What can I make?

Anything you like! This year’s theme is developing a single area of our skills – so pick a project that allows you to do that. Some folk have already chosen to focus on surface decoration, neatness of finish, embroidery or completing something wearable – your level of experience doesn’t matter, just your willingness to join in!

We make different things? Doesn’t sound much like a sew-along to me…

Everyone loves a sew-along, but who wants an outfit exactly the same as fifteen other costumes? So, we’ve messed things up a bit – we’ll work at the same time and support each other while we make different things, each working on a particular area of our skills.

Hmm… But I don’t play Empire. Is it for Empire?

Nope, it’s for everyone! Though if you do make something that would work for Empire I’d love to share your project diary on the Empire wiki.

But I’m not good enough!

This group caters to all levels – beginners to pros. And you can guarantee that everyone on this group has at some point felt a) like their own stuff is rubbish and b) like everybody else’s work is unattainably good. Don’t worry! Just have fun.

Ok, I’m convinced! What do I do?

Step 1: a quick project plan. Post by 1st February if you can. Sketches, descriptions, anything you like – something to let other people imagine what you’re going to make, and also for you to compare with your finished work at the end and see what you changed along the way.

Step 2: Post updates as you go! Ask for input! Share top tips! Photos! Photos!

Step 3: Keep a costume diary as you go- Facebook is great for updates but crap for archiving. When it’s done then share as a document or we can put it on the Empire wiki. Soft deadline is Easter weekend (Empire 5).

And have fun!

And so it begins. My challenge is to create my outfits for Odyssey. I need roughly two/three days worth of Roman/Grecian/Similar inspired outfits that allow me to shoot pictures. I start with a pair of trousers that might be suitable. I’m hoping to get at least something done by the Easter weekend which will also be useable for Empire.