Fast Food Junk Journal WIP (Flick Through)

Recently I’ve been taking the time to explore recycled materials in my crafts, especially in paper crafts. This has led me to putting together a diy junk journal that uses lots of recycled fast food packaging! You don’t need expensive pads of paper, ephemera, and junk journal digital kits to make a fabulous junk journal, you just need some imagination!

Here’s a quick flick through I filmed of my recycled fast food junk journal after I’d sewn the signatures in. There’s still a long way to go with adding more decoration, but I really love how it’s come out so far!

The four junk journal signatures contain pages from magazines, fast food delivery bags from Starbucks and Subway, food boxes, and some tags made from recycled Amazon packaging and cereal boxes. I tea-dyed lots of the pages and also used artists gesso on the tags. The pockets are a combination of sewing and double-sided tape to stick them down.

The cover is actually a cake box which was the exact right size, covered in a KFC delivery bag and using a Pizza Hut box on the spine for reinforcement. On the inside of the cover there are pages from magazines, but I plan to add some pockets as extra tuck spots. There is lots I want to do in this journal but I was really, really keen to upload a video to show my progress so far.

I’ve started making some junk journal printables and popping them on Etsy. I hope that you’ll go and take a look. My plan is to use my archive skills that I’ve learned at university to try and track down some super unique images to use on printable planner kits in the future. Drop me a line on Etsy if there’s anything in particular that you are looking for in a junk journal digital kit and I’ll do my best to come up with something interesting!