Massdrop for Quilting Supplies in the UK

I have to admit, I’ve discovered some real beauties on Massdrop* recently. You don’t know what Massdrop is? Well it’s a website where people get together in a group to bulk purchase stuff. It has a quilting section. No prizes for guessing why I’m there…

So, let me tell you what I’ve bought so far on Massdrop*. Sometime they rerun the drops if they’re popular, so it’s worth checking back and following things you like!

(It is worth considering that you do not pay import taxes up front on these shipments. So always calculate at least 20% on top of the price you’re paying to cover that. If you don’t get charged you got a bargain. If you do, then you were prepared!)

The first drop I got in on was the Typography Fat Quarter Bundle from Cloud9 fabrics. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? I’m not really that into patterns that represent stuff, but I figured that since I’m a writer then this kind of thing suited me.

I’m planning something modern in the shape of an Ampersand (one of these: &) with white as the background colour. Need to sketch it up and work it out.


Then I got in on another fabric drop. This time it was the Nordic Fat Quarter Bundle by Camelot Fabrics.

So, this bundle is really interesting. Camelot Fabrics are really, really hard to buy in the UK. Some of the more chintzy stuff is available, but the super simple geometrics are very hard to get hold of. It was this that made me think ‘why don’t we have a quilt shop in the UK that caters to the taste of people like me?’ And thus I have started getting in touch with wholesalers andViva La Revolución, it seems that I might be opening a fabric shop. It might fall flat on it’s face. But it might not.

Anyway, here it is, and the quilt I made with it.


2016-04-26 17.06.28-1

Then it was a pattern. My Mum likes African stuff you see, and I thought that at some point I might make her this quilt. The pattern is by Violet Craft for Michael Miller. MD-13720_20151208133456_0fc90e08432cab39

And then this week I decided to go for the CurveMaster 1/4″ foot for my sewing machine. You can pick them up in the UK and this won’t be much cheaper – but I like to support Massdrop* as a concept, and I’m hoping that more big manufacturers will get in on the Massdrop action when they see how popular it is.


And that’s it so far. Although I nearly bought a load of Star Wars fabric last week. And then I almost bought a whole box of solid fabrics. It’s kind of dangerous really. Not as dangerous as my own fabric shop might be though.

I’m just glad I tidied my sewing room a bit recently…