Successful New Year Dating

The New Year celebrations are all about having fun, right? And what better way to have fun as you head into January than trying to find someone to snuggle up with through the cold, dark, winter months!

Truth be told though, dating is hard at any time of the year. And during the winter it can really start to grind you down. Those dark evenings can make it a real drag to get out and about meeting people after you’ve finished work. So you need to make it easy for yourself and the best way to start is by smartening up your profile and attracting the kind of people that you really, really want to meet.

Tell People About You

No really. I know it seems obvious but it’s a great place to start. So many people write about what they’re looking for on their profiles but they barely write anything about who they are. How are people supposed to know if they’re interested or not? They’ll just move on to the next profile if they have no idea who you are and what you love.

Plus the things you do are fascinating to other people. You might think that your hobby of making Christmas wreaths while singing Frank Sinatra is weird, but there will be someone out there who thinks it sounds brilliant and wants to have a go with you. Tell the world about what you love to do, and someone will find you interesting enough to message you – believe me!

Tell People What Your Deal-Breakers Are

Allow them to self select themselves out of the running. If it’s a deal-breaker when someone isn’t vegan then be up front about it. Don’t wait until you’ve started messaging each other because by then you’ve already started to establish a relationship of some kind. If you wouldn’t go out with men five years older or younger than yourself, write that too! You’ll get the occasional person who will lie, but most decent people will read your requirements and then move on to the next profile if they don’t suit! This is great because it means you spend less time reading profiles and replying to people you’re not interested in, and more time actually getting out and about with your new beau!

Be Specific About Location

The reality is that we all have a rough idea of how far you’re willing to travel for a date. If you’re only willing to look as far as Hertfordshire dating, for example, then you should write that on your profile! There’s really no point in saying you’ll go anywhere when the reality is that you won’t. We all know, logically, that exceptions can be made for the right person, but the right person will probably drop you a message to ask if you’d be willing to literally go the extra mile.

All in all you just want to tailor your profile to give yourself the best chance possible to meet new people over this festive period. If you spend an hour or two freshening everything up then you might just be able to find yourself a few dates over the next few weeks of holidays!