A European Travel Guide for Couples

While I love travelling with friends, I sometimes think there’s nothing better than travelling with a significant other. Traditionally a honeymoon was often the first big, meaningful trip that a couple would take together. But things have changed now. We’re far more likely to be taking big trips abroad with more frequency than our parents generation ever did.

I’m pretty sure I won’t get married, but that isn’t going to stop me taking “honeymoons” with my partners regularly! And I guess by honeymoon I mean one of those wonderful, romantic trips that sticks in your memory for life. So without further ado, here are some of the Europe honeymoons I want to take over the next few years with someone special.


Rembrandt van Rijn, Isaac and Rebecca, Known as ‘The Jewish Bride, c. 1665 – c. 1669. On loan from the City of Amsterdam (A. van der Hoop Bequest)

This year the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will be holding a special blockbuster exhibition that brings together twenty two paintings by Rembrandt, as well as many other drawings and smaller works! This is pretty much my idea of a perfect romantic honeymoon getaway. Planning a week in a gorgeous European country centred around a once-in-a-lifetime cultural event is my idea of heaven.

I love theming my cultural trips too – so I’d totally make the painting above, which is believed to be an image of two lovers (possibly even Rembrands’ son) the central attraction. I’d then make sure to see some other works in the Rijksmuseum’s collection that are romantically themed, and spend idyllic evenings wandering along the beautifully lit up canals!


Sorrento by worldaroundtrip.

If adventure was top of my list, as well as the opportunity for stylish Italian romance, I’d be heading to Sorrento. I first went to Italy when I was at school studying Latin and I fell in love with the country. In fact that’s probably one of the reasons I’m studying History of Art now!

Sorrento makes a great base for exploring the local area. There’s culture to be found in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. There’s glamour and glitz if you take a ferry and cross to the incredibly beautiful island of Capri (there’s also amazing snorkeling too apparently). And if you truly want a unique adventure you can climb to the summit of Mount Vesuvius and walk in the crater of this active volcano!

I highly recommend walking up Vesuvius – it’s a memory I will never forget. I just can’t wait to take someone special there and share the memory with them too.

Adventure Honeymoons

If I was looking for adventure in particular, I would love to book a 2 seat spitfire by going to Spitfires (or a similar site) to enjoy the aerial view of Wales with my significant other steering the aircraft. Even thinking about it gives me butterflies in my stomach, trust me! I lived in Dyfed for three years and loved every moment of the experience. My weekends were filled with rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking and I’d love to share these kinds of moments with someone special to me on a unique honeymoon.

Photo by arg_flickr.

The picture above is of Cadair Idris, a mountain in North Wales. It’s not as popular as Snowdonia but it is worth climbing for that spectacular view! Adventure honeymoons don’t have to happen in some incredibly exotic location half way around the world, fun can be found closer to home too. In fact you could probably do all three trips that I’ve talked about here for the same price as two weeks abroad in an all-inclusive beach resort! That’s not to say one kind of honeymoon is better than another, but just that there are fun alternatives to the traditional options!