LRP Making

#8: Octopus Dice Bag

2016-04-11 07.03.12

A test piece for a new endeavour. (Ssssh… it’s all a bit under wraps at the moment). It needs it’s drawstring, but it’s almost there.

Hand dyed fabric left over from Simon’s Mythlore costume and a cute Octopus from Urban Threads.

I learned a few things during construction, mostly that I need to make the base fabric another half inch or so wide for it to be able to fit on the free arm of the machine and make construction much, much easier. I need to use a measuring foot for accurate stitching of the cord channel. And I need to batch construct these pieces to make it more worthwhile.

I’m also teaching myself to digitise images on my embroidery software, for a top secret project with a friend.

I have this test piece left over, I have no idea what to do with him. 😀

2016-04-10 19.08.35