Haus Dashwood Making

Salt Preserved Lemons


So, lemons were on offer at Tesco.

This is a large 1L jar.

I stuck two tablespoons of salt in the bottom of the jar.

Then I cut up a load of lemons into quarters – take the little nasty end bits off where they were connected to the tree.

Toss them in salt.

Stick them into the jar. Add more salt between each layer.

Press them down. Add more lemons and salt.

Add some peppercorns. Usually I add a bay leaf too, but I didn’t have any.

Top up to the height of the lemons with lemon juice from a bottle or other lemons.

Put somewhere cool. Turn over a couple of times every few days to make sure the salt and juice makes its way around all the lemon bits.

In a month, there will be preserved lemons.

You use them by cutting away the flesh and then rinsing under cold water.