LRP Photography

Empire 2 – The Planning. (And my Dad).

So, there is much planning is in the works for my Empire 2 adventure. We’re going to be better organised this time and get SO MANY character portraits shot. Of everyone, if everyone can work with us (and hopefully they will). That’s got to be in the region of 1000+ portraits over the course of the long weekend, which is a challenge for everyone. I can’t help wondering what they’d all look like put together as a year book. Bloody fabulous I reckon.

And I’m keeping a diary of as many player events going on that I can find out about. People have really run with this one and the photography team have been getting all kinds of invites to things that players are organising. It’s rather exciting really and it excites me that the players want us to be involved in their game.

I’ve been batting about ideas for projects too and I’m also getting quite excited about these as well. For a long time I’ve not been very enthusiastic about my personal photography work, I sort of hit a wall with it and just burnt out. But I’ve been searching for a project to get my teeth into for a while and I think this might be it. I’m curious about photographing the game and writing an essay to go alongside the selected images (I’m also a wannabe art historian) and then producing it into some kind of book. It seems like an interesting project and things seem to be coming together in my head (including a chapter entitled ‘The Pale Horse’, which I reckon will be rather good).

So there was something else I wanted to share, and that’s a test shot I took for the character portraits. It’s my Dad, and I’ve never photographed my Dad before. And I realised that I should photograph him more. I never photograph the people that are close to me and I probably should. And you know what? I’m really pleased with it as a simple portrait.