Sourdough – Day 3 – The Stinkening

photo 3

I know the websites said that around day three and four it would stink… but really this is pretty foul. The shot above is what it looked like this morning.

However I’m hopeful, since in the last half an hour bubbles have started coming back already.

I fed it and it looked like this:

photo 4

Yesterday was a roller coaster day. I moved the starter onto my desk because it’s nice and warm due to the big fat computer monitor that heatsinks downwards. I hadn’t taken the advice seriously about not putting the lid on too firmly and it climbed all the way up to the top. This was it after I’d spent an hour on the phone ignoring it – check out how it demands attention!

photo 1-4

So then we watched TV together – Breaking Bad is the current show of choice – and I put him to bed afterwards. I’m currently deciding what to name him.

photo 2-4