Local Dating: Should you Form a Bubble?

local lockdown bubble dating

I was chatting to a friend online at the start of this second lockdown here in the UK, and he said to me that he was thinking about forming a bubble with a man he had met on a local dating site. You see he worked through the first lockdown which meant he saw colleagues and friends at work regularly, but he hasn’t been fortunate enough to have work available during this most recent lockdown so he’s been pretty lonely.

At first it sounded pretty risky to me. I mean, is this really how we should be behaving during a global pandemic? Forming bubbles with people we barely know? But actually the more I thought about it the more sensible it seemed – as long as everyone is safe and adheres to the rules that the government has laid out.

Since I thought it was a great idea (and actually, it’s worked out well for my friend) I thought I’d round up my top tips for forming a bubble with someone new that you’ve met during the pandemic.

Hit up a local dating site

There are lots of options for local dating sites if you have a search on Google. For instance, Hertfordshire singles could take a look at this Hertfordshire dating site. Why stay local? Well, travel restrictions mean that you can’t travel so much during a global pandemic. For good reason too – public transport is incredibly risky, and if you’re driving then the last thing you want is an accident which could land you in hospital and at more risk of contracting covid. Leave the travelling for the key workers, and help lift the pressure on the emergency services and the NHS.

Establish trust

Forming a bubble with someone you don’t know very well requires a fair bit of trust. Go on a few socially distanced dates with the person you’re considering bubbling with, and get a general feel for what they’re like. Remember, you’re ideally committing to them for the duration of lockdown and you’re most likely going to have them in your home. Is this the kind of person you want to share your life with, even if it’s just temporary?

Know where you stand

Is this a month-long agreement for a short lockdown, or is this a kind of trial for a longer-term relationship? Make sure you talk about what you both want to get out of the situation before you form your bubble. Communication is key, especially during a pandemic.

Take precautions

No, not just those kind of precautions (but take those too). Don’t just jump in to your bubble. It’s a good idea to both try and isolate as much as possible before you form your bubble to make sure, as far as possible, that you’re not carrying the virus. Remember that once you’ve bubbled with someone and become a joint household, that you are responsible for their health and wellbeing as well as your own. If you, or they, can’t behave respectfully before and during bubbling, then perhaps this isn’t a situation that’s going to work very well.