Dating as the Nights Draw In

You might think that once summer is over it’s time to call a halt to your dating life for the year. But let me tell you, there’s something magical about dating in autumn.

I don’t know about you, but I love the crisp chill of autumn evenings and the darkness of winter when I’m going out on dates. Getting wrapped up warm and then having an excuse to cuddle together as it gets colder can be a great ice breaker.

I have been contemplating a trip up to the Isle of Man for a while now, and of course I’d combine it with a date or two! There’s so much I’d like to do there, and doing it with company is always more fun.

There’s opportunities to explore the local wildlife on the island, including an amazing puffin colony! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puffin so this would be top of my list. Isle of Man Dating is looking more fun the more I research.

There’s also seals on the island too, and you can take a boat trip to get right up close to them. Boat trips with an autumn chill in the air and an excuse to get close to your beau? I’m right there already on a website for Isle of Man Singles!

One of the other interesting ways to see the island, if boats aren’t really your thing, is the heritage railway network. You might think that trains aren’t really your thing, but it’s certainly a quirky idea for a date that will mean you’re never forgotten.

The heritage network will take you around the island, letting you stop off to visit sights as diverse as a tenth-century Viking boat burial, a medieval castle, or a museum on the maritime history of the island. Make sure you swot up in advance so that you can impress your date with your knowledge of the island!

Eating and Drinking

I almost always prefer more casual eating on dates. If it’s the first or second time you’ve met someone you might not want to commit to a sit down meal just in case you don’t gel.Instead I tend to go for coffee or similar, but the Isle of Man offers some more interesting alternatives.

In September there’s the annual food and drink festival which offers you the chance to try new things with your date – all local produce of course. How better to show your eco-credentials than shopping local?

But if organised activities are more your thing then there’s a tour of a local lamb farm or a visit to a living museum specialising in the traditional curing of kippers! Perhaps check if your date is vegan before you book.

If you prefer traditional pubs with a nice warm fire then there’s a number of organised walks you can take which will allow you sample plenty of booze with your date. Perfect for afternoon dates that roll into the evening, as autumn rolls into winter.