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Autumn Dating Ideas That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

As the nights draw in and the evenings get chilly, there’s still beautiful days to be had out and about on dates. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll saving up for Christmas and therefore trying to save money wherever you can.

With that in mind, here are my best tried and tested ideas for autumn dating that will impress your date and give you plenty of time to get to know each other!

Head to the Forest

Forests are magical during autumn. They get this beautiful warm glow from the sun while the air is crisp. Wrap up warm in your best jumper and scarf and be sure to snuggle up close with your date as the evening draws in.

Take a look at your local tourist information site to find nearby beauty spots and download maps of footpaths. But don’t miss the opportunity to get lost deep in the woods alone with your date. If you’re looking for casual sex dating then getting lost in the woods can lead to a whole world of fun!

Check Out a Museum

In the UK many museums are free (or at least, all those supported by the government are). And when I visited New York I discovered that many of the major museums and galleries also have a ‘pay what you can’ policy.

Show off your worldly knowledge and love of culture to your date by taking them to a museum. Most of them are inside and therefore unaffected by the awful weather that autumn can bring! Many people you meet on adult dating sites are looking for a little more than just hookups – I’ve found cultural visits always go down well as dates.

Here’s a tip from me though – don’t stop by the cafe unless you want to spend a fortune. Instead take a walk to find a local independent coffee shop for coffee and cake while you discuss the museum you’ve just seen.

Go Stargazing

With the dark evenings drawing in, now is the time to go stargazing! Pack your car full of blankets and drive out to a quiet spot away from the streetlights.

There’s plenty of apps to download to tell you what you’re looking at in the night sky. What could be better than a cuddle under the stars?

For bonus points find out when you’re next likely to see something exciting in the night sky and schedule your date then. Eclipses and shooting stars can be spectacular. Speaking of open sky, you can also choose to go on a dinner date at a rooftop restaurant or bar (check this NoMad NYC Rooftop Bar if interested) where you can experience good food, drinks, music, and of course the star-filled sky. Well, it can be a little bit costlier, but worth the experience.

Play Boardgames

If going out doesn’t tempt you, then why not stay in? For a second or third date why not suggest a board game or two at yours. The loser can make fancy hot chocolates with marshmallows and whipped cream before you start the next round!

And if you know your date pretty well perhaps suggest a game of strip poker. Or maybe if you’re rubbish at strip poker like I am, strip monopoly. I always win at monopoly. Encouraging each other’s competitive nature can be a great way to increase the tension before you think about taking it to the bedroom.