LRP Making

#46-49: House S’Forza Outfit

So I got invited to go and play a Curious Pastimes faction event (and take some photos of course). And so obviously, I needed kit. Spanish renaissance inspired noble house who were all about passion and pleasure. Black and purple.

So… of course lots of black leather kit was the way forward! I based the whole thing loosely on a combination of some videogames characters and Paso Doble dancers outfits.

It’s the first time I’ve really worked with leather. I got some last year but I couldn’t make it work. This time I got some slightly thinner and came up with a design that heavily utilised thonging so that I could be a bit inaccurate around the edges. I’m pretty pleased with how the whole thing came out.

#46: The Shirt.

Based on the same pattern as basically all the robes that I ever make, just with much larger sleeves that I gathered on my overlocker and elasticated wrists. £2 Ikea calico and a pack of Dylon washing machine dye. I added a drawstring with black bias tape too.


#47: The Belt / Corset Thing.

Based on a design by Epic Armouries (I would have bought theirs but it was too big, not cut for women, and not really what I wanted). This used far more thonging than I thought it would…



#48: Shirt Gaiters.

Flouncy long sleeves deserve gaiters… that match the belt / corset.



#49: Bracers.

And matching bracers. Of course. In ‘tiny’ size.