LRP Making

#13-16: Brais x4

2016-05-15 19.04.51-web

This weekend I put together three new pairs of Brais (for Adam, Simon, and myself) and dyed another pair dark. I’ve got to admit, I love my new overlocker. These came together so quickly with no need to french seam anything or do any extra finishing on the inside.

You see, Adam managed to wash his nice linen pair with something brown, and so his brais turned a nice nude colour. Not really ideal.

2016-05-14 15.02.02-web

I had to do some dyeing of fabric anyway for Simon, so it was no bother to do an extra bucket of dark brown dye.

2016-05-14 17.01.15-web

And I seamed around the edges on my overlocker too (which get tucked into the hose). Because for some reason nobody bothered to finish the edges when he bought them.

2016-05-14 19.38.13-web