Pie thinks he knows who is to blame for the rise of Trump…and he’s wrong!

The fictional character Jonathan Pie thinks that he knows who is to blame for the rise of Trump… but he is wrong. He suggests that it’s the fault of those of us who call Trump voters racist or sexist, but I’d argue that this is just another white guy telling people of colour and women how to do their social activism. Of course I think that’s the point he’s making, in a very clever way. Unfortunately the white men I see sharing this on their social media feeds don’t seem to understand that point.

It’s the casualness with which he throws in the ‘you proberbly think I’m mansplaining’ (or words to that effect). It’s the cool air that he radiates of ‘I’m taking the piss, but the people I’m taking the piss out of don’t realise I’m doing it to them.’ All the best comedy makes jokes without the butt of the joke realising that they are, indeed, the butt.

My initial reaction was one of ‘this video is damaging to me as a feminist’, but actually I realise that it’s mocking those who tell me how I should be a feminist. This video supports me. But it does not support the kinds of people who I see sharing it.

It’s mocking anyone who shares this video with a snide note of ‘this man is right – those feminists and race activists should all shout less.’ Or ‘didn’t I say this months ago, that activists should be more rational?’ Of course the implication in these nasty little comments are that women and people of colour don’t know what they’re doing, they should be less emotional, and they are the reason that Trump is now in power.

Instead the man behind Jonathan Pie does actually appear to be giving the ‘extreme left’ (as we are accused of being) a nudge and a wink. Making the white male saviour believe that he still knows best, even when he is talking about issues largely beyond his remit – and mocking him for it.

Of course, I’m not saying that if you’re a white bloke you can’t fight for change and campaign for good. But really if you’re a bloke who just wants to tell us that we’re doing it wrong, you’re proberbly not being very helpful here. In fact, you’re proberbly actually hurting the cause rather than supporting it. Although I’m sure that you think that you have our best interests at heart.

Nobody voted for Trump because someone told them that they were supporting a racist and sexist cause. Nobody changed their vote away from Clinton because of that. The ‘liberal lefties’ did not scare off Clinton voters through their language and attitudes. If they were going to vote Trump, they would have done it anyway.

If you think I’m doing social activism wrong because I tell people who supported Trump that they are supporting a sexist, racist, homophobic cause, then you are not part of the solution. You are part of the problem.

Because we’ve been being nice for 113 years about this whole women’s rights thing, and if people haven’t got it by now, if they’re still voting for Trump, then rational discussion will not help them. They would still rather see a man in office who believes that he has the right to walk up to me and touch my genitals without asking first, a man who has made a record number of false claims while running for POTUS, than a woman who was guilty of poor email security.

And lets just unpick that too. Has nobody noticed that it’s been one big, long smear campaign against Clinton? I hate to tell you this guys, but it’s not ‘the left’ who are being abusive here. Trump is a businessman who is an expert in manipulating the media. He’s been in ten films, twelve television shows, has been involved with presenting multiple wrestling shows, and owns a large model management company. He even had his own talk radio show. This man – he is top level media savvy. Better than most people in the world, I’d argue. As a TV star himself he’s more than aware of how to work the media, and how to get them to do exactly what he wants. I’m afraid, all you who think you’re being smart for hating Clinton, that you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes by one of the greatest PR men in the world. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of that – he’s a very, very clever man.

It is not the fault of ‘the left’ that Trump won. It’s the fault of those who voted for him. And they didn’t vote for him because someone called them a racist.

And if you believe that we should calm down and be more rational as we fight against a President Elect who wants to remove women’s access to birth control, criminalise seeking abortion, and who’s running mate believes than gay people should get electro shock treatment to cure them – you really need to take a long hard look about the way that you’re causing problems here. Because you should be angry too. Polite debate doesn’t work with these people. It is not the solution. It never has been the solution.

Pie is mocking you and your belief that you know how to do it better.