Starting Over – Consider this a renaissance!

This is a personal project, not just this blog but all my miniature painting escapades.

So I’m back to this, collecting bookmarks, and tutorials as I try to push my self to paint a little more and a little better.

So I’ve been away a while, and due to life I’ve not really painted a lot at all. But I do have some projects that I am managing and now with a new lease of life may take shape.

  1. Crimson Fist army.
    This is my main force, I have shown a little of these before but i’ve managed to collect the full force, now I need to paint it.
  2. Demi human Imperial Guard army.
    Its not just Squats, but yes they are there. I actually have a normal 1500pt Imperial Guard army list to work from, but am making the troops out of Beast men and Cadian conversions, Ratlings, Orgyns, and a human command structure for that truly oppressed feel.
  3. Warhammer Dwarf Army.
  4. A classic Warhammer Dwarf 1500 pt army, for no other reason than the core miniatures came to me cheaply and I like to paint them.
  5. Epic Titan
    I have always loved the squared off version of this miniature, and a grey or military green theme, so I want to pick one up and paint it anew.
  6. Blood Bowl Team.
    This is a child hood love  of Blood bowl, so I intend to buy a second hand box game and paint a team or two.. maybe three.
  7. Necrons in ceramic and carbon fibre.
    For no other reason than I think they will look cool, cos killer androids are cool, ceramic is cool, carbon fibre is cool and lastly… glowy bits are cool.
  8. See almost forgot one… SpaceHulk
    The classic game re released in 2014, I have a copy to split with my games workshop mad partner so i will also be painting a genestealer brood.