A little diversion

Thats exactly what this is, I don’t want to dilute my personal blog with my random meanderings on Miniature painting and modelling but i need a place to keep notes, links and ideas. maybe a few meaningful posts will come out of it too for the little while this lasts.

No this is not my work, i just like the diorama
So some background, at the time of this post I have been roleplaying and wargaming for 26 years! and painting for 21. My painting i never took seriously, but now i find its one of my favourite hobbies, and so i’m starting this blog as a gaming blog with a miniature and painting focus.
what you’ll find here are links to things I like, pinterest boards  and pins shared mainly because I like them, a few bookmarks to articles and miniature companies. and the occasional post on a subject or even just photos of projects as they appear move on and fade away.